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Monday, August 6, 2012

Next Project Begins Tomorrow

This week, I will start a new long term project for Rush University Medical Center. I (along with my colleague Lauren) will begin documenting a Year in the Life of a Rush medical student. We already have a student who has agreed to the project-Joe. He is from California and seems like a good subject to work with. I spoke to Joe today and he really is looking forward to the process. We plan to work with him around once or twice a month. We want to learn about his experiences on campus and even around Chicago. We hope to shoot footage with him in class and out. This will turn into around a 10 minute video at the end of the school year (summer 2013).
Someone asked me if we will follow Joe all 4 years of medical school. I said, "Lets not get ahead of ourselves. We will take it one year at a time."
We have also been asked to turn some of the monthly footage into highlight reels for the Rush University website. I will link to the highlights here as we progress.
We will be shooting with Nikon D800 and Panasonics (with Sony wireless lavs) depending on the situations.
Video shooting begins 08/08 with new student orientation.

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